Character Reference Sheets

I wanna have people draw me and commission artists and stuff, so I'm creating a bunch of reference material for artists to, like, reference.

Note that all images should be considered "WIP" until further notice.

Casual Outfit

NOTE: This reference sheet is not entirely to my liking anymore, but I'm leaving it up here due to the lack of anything better at the moment.

Character Design for Samantha Arantes in her casualwear

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Miscellaneous notes to not clutter the picture:

  • I sometimes wear glasses, as seen in one of the portrait samples.
  • Yes, the shirt is only collared on one side.
  • The cargo shorts are just cargo shorts. No detail about them really matters, except that they are very cargo-short-like.
  • I just think the belt is neat. Sometimes I forget to put it on, but it doesn't matter.
  • I have lots of socks, not just those blue argyle ones. :3
  • My shoes have a little froggy-shaped pattern on the soles. Sorry for not including it, but it's tedious to draw.

Formal Outfit

Character Design for Samantha Arantes in her Y-Formal dress

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Despite being constructed from two separate pieces, the earrings somehow manage to behave as if they are one solid piece.

Not much to say here, other than apologies to Metaquarius.

Frog Suit

Frog Suit Front

This is the front view of my Frog Suit. I may eventually make more detailed side views, rear views, etc.

I have on occasion been known to refer to this as the "Kero Suit," but that it a mistake -- the Kero Suit is actually my pajamas.


NOTE: This helmet picture is older than the above full-suit picture.

Kero Suit Helmet


  • Frog-face-like silhouette
  • The frog eyes double as sensors and lights.
  • The frog nose is just there for looks, but could be used as a secondary set of eyebrows for emoting if you choose to have the visor be opaque.
  • The vents are extendable, sort of like frog cheeks.
  • The visor silhouette is a flower.

Other suit parts (and a full-body reference) will appear here at a later date.


I have pajamas, but they're just one of those loose-fitting adult onsie things.

I am not providing references for anything potentially salacious. I'm flattered if you think I'm pretty in that way, but I am not interested receiving that kind of art of myself. Please understand.