Hi There! I'm Samantha!

I'm a galactic bounty hunter for hire! (Please hire me; I need better food.) This is my website. I hope it has things eventually. :-)

Sometimes I stream videogames! If I'm not streaming them (which is often), you can enjoy reading this unrelated list of videogames instead:

  1. Lyle in Cube Sector
  2. Cave Story
  3. Dizzy! The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure

I found this image of a cat. Ain't he cute?


This website even has a simulacrum of competent CSS! Who needs the official Neocities tutorials when you can just use a template machine and bang your head against a wall customizing it!?

With all of that, you have experienced all the essential ingredients to a complete website. I hope you enjoyed it. (Apologies for any sections that appear particularly placeholdery at the moment.)


Stay tuned for the latest and greatest website updates in the galaxy!

2023 November 29

A friend of the show, P.Yoshi, just gifted me a lovely little portrait. :3 Go check it out on the page for received art!

2023 November 26

This site is now Officially part of a webring. There should be a little widget at this bottom of this page and on the links page for inquiring minds.

2023 November 9

A few days ago (on October 31) I released a game about the time I was spiritually drained by the gig economy. It was pretty exhausting staying up late the last couple nights to make sure the game released on time to meet the deadline of the jam, but I did it! (The gigs were also pretty exhausting.) Thankfully, all the feedback I've received so far has been very positive. Maybe you should play it!

In other ZZT related news, I put links on the ZZT page for where you can play them online, in lieu of the retrospective pages I intend on putting there. If nothing else, that at least gives the page a purpose.

2023 October 3

Just as a bit of general housekeeping, I put the title screens to my two most recent worlds on the ZZT page in the works section. Mind you, I still don't have any pages for any of those worlds, but that's fine, right?

2023 October 1

Another quarter has begun, so it is now officially time to do our ritualistic feeding of the news archive. I hope you enjoy this relatively pristine frontpage while it lasts (not that it looks particularly clean or organized, overall).

Anyhow, to inaugurate this brand new quarter of the year, I'm finally going through my backlog of Cohost asks and putting them in a fancy mailbag for your condensed reading pleasure. Sure, it's repurposed content from elsewhere, but it's my repurposed content from elsewhere, so I don't feel any shame about it.

Also, fixed up the first mailbag so the fancy emotes from the guestbook show up there. All it took was an enterprising commenter to leave a message that was just a single emote, and I think that's beautiful.

If you're interested in providing your own question for the mailbag, click here and type whatever nonsense you want into the textbox. No guarantees that I'll answer at all, or in a timely fashion, but I'll try my best as long as I'm not too embarrassed to answer.

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